What to Expect

We are happy to assist you and your pet at the front desk for all your pet's needs. We currently offer 3 different types of appointments:

~Drop off: Have a busy day at work or running errands? Schedule a drop-off appointment and leave your fluffy baby with us while you go about your day. The veterinarian will call after your pet has been examined and a team member will let you know when your pet is ready for pickup *Please note that this is not recommended for pets that may potentially be contagious

~In-Person: Sometimes your baby may need some extra support during their appointment from their fearless owner. These appointments allow you to be present while your pet waits to be seen by our team and allow time for owners to speak with the doctor face-to-face.

~Curbside: When you arrive at Merrill Animal Clinic please call us at 904-744-7206 from the car to let us know that you are present. Our parking spots have a number associated with them and you will inform the receptionist which parking spot you are in. A team member will come to your car and take your pet into the building for treatment and then deliver your pet back to your vehicle. We ask that you are prepared with a mobile phone so that we can communicate with you while your pet is in our car. After payment, your receipt and any products will accompany your pet when taken back out to your vehicle.



  • Merrill Animal Clinic will refuse services to any pets that are not properly secured in a carrier or on a leash.

  • Please be ready to provide a history and any other requested services (for example: nail trim, medication refills or flea/heartworm prevention).

  • All forms needed for surgeries and drop-off appointments will be emailed to you prior to the appointment.

  • Our online pharmacy can be utilized for prescription refills and food orders that will be delivered directly to your home.

  • Please call ahead for all orders (medications, flea/heartworm medications, prescription diets, etc.)