Dental Health

A clean mouth is a happy mouth! Periodontal disease can lead to heart, liver, and kidney disease if left untreated. Many times it is difficult to detect a periodontal problem in pets until it is too late. Some of the signs include:

  • bad breath

  • loose teeth

  • bleeding, swollen gums

  • gum recession

  • tooth root below crown exposed

  • pain and discomfort

  • decreased appetite

  • foul-smelling discharge or pus

We cannot fully evaluate the entire mouth/tooth in an awake patient. A thorough dental assessment and cleaning under general anesthesia will eliminate the source of bacteria and inflammation and allow extensive evaluation of your pet's mouth. For this reason we provide broad range estimates to owners prior to the event. Our in-house dental services include ultrasonic scaling, high speed polishing, radiography, tooth extractions, and oral surgery.